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Austin John
Love Sick Radio
Review: Joseph Suto

Love Sick Radio is a six song EP from former Hinder singer Austin Winkler. Currently going under the moniker of Austin John, he has finally released his first new music since leaving Hinder back in 2013.

Hinder came out of the gates strong with the triple platinum seller Extreme Behavior. It seemed with each subsequent release the band sold less albums although All American Nightmare may be the bands overall finest recording.

Over the course of the past few years Winkler has been in seclusion recording Love Sick Radio. Fans who enjoyed Winkler in Hinder will be in for a little shock as he has veered away from the hard rock style they know him for. But fear not as his unmistakable voice is still at the forefront of the surprisingly, catchy new material.

The album kicks off with “Clique To Follow”, a song that tells of the dismay of the pop music industry and his feelings on Kanye West.

A pair of vocal collaborations are at the forefront of the release. First up is “The Plague” featuring the talented Sophie Summers. “Howlin’” features upstart country singer Jessie James Decker.

Of the six tracks the only song that remotely recalls his old band is “Carry You”, perhaps because it was one of the earlier songs written that made the EP.

After listening to the new tunes a few times one thing is certain these songs will grow on you. I for one am curious where Winkler goes from here. After taking in an appetizer like Love Sick Radio you can bet we are looking forward to the main course.

Track Listing
01. Clique To Follow
02. The Plague
03. Carry You
04. Howlin’
05. Road To Paradise
06. Hate That I’m Loving It

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