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daneatonCD Review
Dan Eaton Band
Another Storm
By: Thom Jennings


Dan Eaton is best known for his popular “Cooking at Home” segment on cable television news stations all across the northeast. Eaton’s recipes, like his music, combine fairly simple ingredients but deliver a complex flavor.

Eaton’s latest album, “Another Storm” is a mix guitar bass and drums seasoned with some piano and organ and a hint of mandolin and lap steel. There is only one exotic ingredient, a harmonium, and instrument that I admittedly had never heard of until I saw it listed, it’s worth Googling.

Cooking metaphors aside, “Another Storm” is simply a great album made by a guy who clearly loves music. Eaton penned all ten songs, and each is a masterful combination of storytelling and instrumentation. If you are craving auto-tune you will be sorely disappointed, but if you appreciate a songwriter bringing his songs to life, you will love this album.

In the interest of full disclosure, I was a fan of Eaton’s cooking segments long before I even considered listening to his music, and the producer of this album, John Kelley, is someone who I not only have deep admiration and respect for as a person and musician, as a friend, he introduced me to some of my favorite music.

“Another Storm” is an album that will appeal to people who grew up listening to, and dissecting albums. The opening track, “Mistakes” hits on a theme we can all relate to, and reminds me of my favorite era of The Kinks, the “Low Budget” era.

“Don’t Go Drinking on an Empty Heart” was written as part of a songwriting challenge in Rochester NY, and Eaton’s take is a fun ride that will appeal to lovers of Americana music.
“She Can’t Stop” sounds like Tom Petty at his finest and “Galaxy” is a take on psychedelic era Beatles.

Top to bottom the album is tracked perfectly, opening with the straight ahead aforementioned rocker “Mistakes” and wraps up with “Never Again” the perfect ending to a set, followed by “The Last Place” the ultimate encore.

To summarize, and to return to the cooking metaphors, Dan Eaton and company have served up a delicious stew of Tom Petty, The Kinks, The Beatles along with hints of Neil Young and Bob Dylan to create not just “Another Storm,” it’s the perfect storm.

Dan will be having a CD release party on Sunday January 31 at Restaurant Good Luck in Rochester at 5 pm.

For more on The Dan Eaton Band check out his facebook page


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