Jane Getter Premonition Bring Stellar Line-up To Nietzsche’s

DSC_5525Concert Review
Jane Getter Premonition
Buffalo, NY
Thursday December 10, 2015
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto



Thursday night the Jane Getter Premonition played Nietzsche’s in Buffalo to a very disappointing small crowd mostly due to lack of promotion. The band did not let the size of the crowd bother them as they put on a more than adequate performance. With a stellar lineup of musicians that included Jane Getter on guitar and vocals, keyboardist Adam Holzman, bassist Stu Hamm, drummer John Mader and guitarist Alex Skolnick, one would think the small venue would have been jam packed. Each musician received a chance to strut their stuff throughout the set.

Getter recently released her latest album On to rave reviews. Getter, Skolnick and Holzman were the only members that played on her latest. Those that enjoyed the studio versions will simply love the band playing the songs in the live setting. Bringing in the rhythm section of the renowned Hamm and the talent of Mader helped to make songs like “Train Man” and “Transparent” take on a new life. Getter also played a few tracks from other releases such as “Inversion Layer” from her 2013 release Three.

It was a travesty that the show was not well attended. I’m not sure if it was the lack of nearby parking or if many were just not aware of the show itself. For those that were there it felt like you were at a private show with some of the best musicians in the world. Anyone who witnessed this show will never forget it. It isn’t everyday you could witness such high caliber musicians as these all on the same stage. It was truly a great night of music.






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