Firefall Give Fans Something To Remember

DSC_4628Concert Review
Hamburg Palace
Hamburg, NY
October 29, 2015
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto

When a band has been around for almost 40 years there will be a deep and rich history. Such is the case with Firefall, a band that most will associate with mega hit “You Are The Woman” which cracked the top 10 and rose to #9 in 1976. Formed in Boulder, Colorado in 1974, Firefall is a vastly underrated band that had one of those amazing songs that kind of pigeonholed them. The band made a rare area appearance, their first in over a decade as they played the Hamburg Palace on Thursday evening.

The 2015 version of the band features guitarist Jock Bartley who is the lone member that has been with the band since its inception. Joining him were original members bassist Mark Andes and multi-instrumentalist David Muse. Drummer Sandy Ficca and guitarist-vocalist Gary Jones rounded out the band. Andes you may recall played in some other bands including Spirit, Jo Jo Gunne and Heart during their resurgence in the 80’s.

The band played two sets featuring fifteen songs that highlighted their career as well as a pair of Spirit songs for which Andes took over lead vocal chores.

Bartley has known Jones, who had played with the band in the past for a number of years. Jones is based out of Nashville and his vocals do the Firefall songs justice.

Some of the highlights from the first set included “Just Remember I Love You” and “Sweet And Sour” which drew a loud ovation.

It was the second set where the band really flourished with an amazing version of “So Long” from the band’s second album Luna Sea. Of course “You Are The Woman” stood out and received its usual standing ovation as the bands biggest hit and best known song usually does.

It was a rare treat to see the band play in the area and an even rarer treat to see them perform in an intimate venue such as the Palace. The current version of the band sounds great and plays with the conviction of a band still striving for the top. A trait that truly sets them apart from other bands of their genre.

Set One
Livin’ Ain’t Livin’
It Doesn’t Matter
Just Remember I Love You
No Way Out
Love That Got Away
Sweet and Sour
Nature’s Way (Spirit Cover)

Set 2
Goodbye, I Love You
So Long
You Are the Woman
Strange Way

I Got A Line On You (Spirit Cover)
So You Wanna Be A Rock And Roll Star (Byrds Cover)

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