Sister Sin Gives Forvm One Last Memory

ssin-4Concert Review
Sister Sin
The Forvm
Amherst, NY
Tuesday July 14, 2015
Review: Robert Winans
Photos: Jenipher



I recently had the opportunity to go to the Forvm and check out a band fresh on Mayhem Festival called Sister Sin. Hailing from Sweden, this female fronted band came out with a great performance despite the terrible weather and played a fantastic arrangement of music that was reminiscent of Judas Priest mixed with Huntress, providing an aggressive and power ballad infused set that had everyone raising their fists and singing along.

Admittedly, I hadn’t heard about Sister Sin until they popped up opening for this summer’s Mayhem Festival. The band is playing alongside metal legends Slayer, and King Diamond, and after hearing their set its not hard to see why they were amidst the few that were chosen for support. Tearing through riff after riff and lead singer Liv Jagrell, belting out such songs that blew me away with “Sound of the Underground”, “One Out Of Ten” and “Outrage”. I was pleasantly surprised with their extremely well done performance amidst technical difficulties and uncooperative weather. Some bands fall apart when something doesn’t go right, and these guys are professional and very entertaining playing a small venue like it was an amphitheater, never once letting up. This is the kind of band that with enough exposure could easily get main stage appeal. Ill be watching their career tentatively as they only get bigger.

As said, Sister Sin is out on support of Slayer and King Diamond this summer on Mayhem Festival. Check out their newest album Black Lotus if you like classic Heavy Metal.

Set List
Food For Worms
Chaos Royale
24/7 (UDO Cover)
One Out Of Ten
Desert Queen
Fight Song
Headed For Hell
On Parole
Sail North
Hearts Of Cold
End Of The Line
Sound Of The Underground

Special thanks to Thomas S. Orwat Jr. from for the credentials to review the show!

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