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Brandon Flowers
The Desired Effect
Island Records
Review: Dave Leary


For the past few years, it seems like many artists are experiencing nostalgia for the 1980s even though they may not have been old enough to remember the decade. The second solo album from Brandon Flowers (after 2010s Flamingo) is an effective flashback with some modern elements as well. As frontman of The Killers, Flowers has helped create some of the most memorable songs of the past 10 years. There are a few songs here that only take one or two listens to get inside your head.

The album starts off with the horn-driven sound of “Dreams Come True”. The lyrics may be “Springsteen-lite” but it still works. “Can’t Deny My Love” is a killer dance track. “I Can Change” not only samples “a Bronski Beat song but features a (very) brief spoken word part by Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys.

“Between Me and You” is a lovely ballad with the great Bruce Hornsby on piano. “Lonely Town” has an undeniable chorus and even though I really like the production on this one, (even the Auto-Tune) it would be interesting to hear it as a Killers song.

“Never Get You Right” is a perfect Flowers song. Good lyrics and storytelling.

The final track “ The Way It’s Always Been” (produced by Flowers) is almost as good and a fine way to close the album.

This is a solid album overall. Even when the lyrics get a little too clever or may not make sense, Flowers sells the songs with his passion and charisma. The production is retro but not in an obnoxious way. Fans of the Killers may have to wait a while for a new album, but this will do just fine in the meantime.

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