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dankojonesfiremusiccdCD Review
Danko Jones
Fire Music
Bad Taste Records
Producer: Eric Ratz
Review:Joseph Suto

Fire Music is the seventh full length release from Toronto rock band Danko Jones. Today the band consists of vocalist/guitarist Danko Jones, bassist John “JC” Calabrese and new drummer Rich Knox who makes his recording debut with the band.

The album starts out with all guns blazing. “Wild Woman” quickly followed by the album’s best track “The Twisting Knife” help set the tone. The album continues to impress with the rip roaring double punch of “Gonna Be A Fight Tonight” followed by “Body Bags”.

After such a strong start there is a bit of a letdown with single “Do You Wanna Rock” and filler like “Getting Into Drugs”, neither would not be missed if they were left off. With at least five stellar songs on the release I don’t know how “Do You Wanna Rock” was selected as the first single.

“Piranha” and “She Ain’t Coming Home” help end this release on a positive note.

The album is straight and to the point clocking in just over thirty-five minutes. Overall Fire Music is powerful album that shows the world exactly what Danko Jones is all about. Those that have been aboard already know. Fire Music is the perfect release to help catapult the band to greater heights.

Track Listing
01. Wild Woman
02. The Twisting Knife
03. Gonna Be A Fight Tonight
04. Body Bags
05. Live Forever
06. Do You Wanna Rock
07. Getting Into Drugs
08. Watch You Slide
09. I Will Break Your Heart
10. Piranha
11. She Ain’t Coming Home

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