For Rundgren The Future Is Now

DSC_6467Concert Review
Todd Rundgren
Town Ballroom
Buffalo, NY

Tuesday April 28, 2015
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto


Todd Rundgren is known for one to push the boundaries and to never duplicate anything he has done in the past. Tuesday night Rundgren’s Global tour rolled into the Town Ballroom and delivered a one of a kind show. When it comes to playing live Rundgren generally always has a band. After all Rundgren plays a big part in Ringo Starr’s All-star Band. But there he was on stage sans band Tuesday night backed by DJ/musician/producer Dam Funk and flanked by a pair of female singers and dancers by his side. Four columns were distributed across the stage that depicted images, colors and lights throughout the near two hour jaunt.DSC_6613

Dam Funk got the event started by opening with one of his songs “I Wanna Thank You (For Steppin’ Into My Life) before Rundgren surfaced and kicked off his set with the first three tracks from his brand new release Global. With promoting Global being the task on hand Rundgren did not disappoint, In fact he played it all with the lone exception of “Fate”.

This was a very different show than what some may be accustomed to. When one goes to a Rundgren show you expect to see him play a ton of guitar. On this night he played very little but when he did bring out a guitar he offered up some very tasty solos. For the most part he sang and danced to the beats of the music and seemed content on doing so.


The songs that went over the best were the two Utopia cuts performed on the evening “Secret Society” and “One World”. “Ping Me” from his 2013 State release also seemed to resonate with the crowd quite positively.

Those looking to see a greatest hits set were disappointed although Rundgren did offer up a medley of three of his biggest hits with a modern twist. An interesting take on “I Saw The Light” appeared to be the best of the lot.

It was quite interesting to see Rundgren perform with this setup. It was also unique to see some of his older material performed another way. It appears Global has reinvigorated Rundgren. He has always been one to think outside the box. He has been a leader in groundbreaking technology when it comes to recording. Now it appears he is spearheading what we will be seeing more of in the future, artists breaking away from the norm and still being able to deliver a work of art. For the record Rundgren wore his shades because he knew the future was going to bright.

DSC_6533Set List

I Wanna Thank You (For Steppin’ Into My Life) [Performed by Dam Funk]
DSC_6471Flesh and Blood
Secret Society (Utopia song)
Ping Me
Earth Mother
Party Liquor
Terra Firma
This Island Earth
One World (Utopia song)
Global Nation
Can We Still Be Friends / I Saw the Light / Hello It’s Me (Dance Medley)
Worldwide Epiphany
International Feel
Just One Victory

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