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War Of Kings
Hell & Back Recordings / UDR Music
Producer: Dave Cobb
By Joseph Suto


War of Kings marks the first album for Europe since 2012s Bag Of Bones. War Of Kings features Europe at their finest. The band is known for their heavy use of keyboards which were featured on their earlier albums. These days, the band is leaning more toward the guitar and a fuller sound. You can hear many of the bands influences throughout such as Rainbow and Deep Purple to name a few.

The band still boasts the same lineup that recorded the band’s finest album, their breakthrough The Final Countdown. Vocalist Joey Tempest sounds in fine form as evidenced by such tracks as “California 405”, “Rainbow Bridge” and the ballad “Angels (With Broken Hearts).

This is certainly their most deliberate attempt at taking the band to the next level. Joey Tempest stated in a recent interview, “War Of Kings is the album we always wanted to make, ever since we were kids listening to bands like Zeppelin, Purple and Sabbath. And after hearing Dave Cobb’s amazing production for Rival Sons we simply had to work with him. Our adventure is still ON!” It certainly is as the band shows on the twelve tracks included on War Of Kings. If you enjoyed any of Europe’s previous efforts, you will marvel at the production and find it challenging where to rank it among the rest of the bands stellar catalog.

Joey Tempest – lead vocals, acoustic & rhythm guitar, keyboards
John Norum – lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals
John Leven – bass, backing vocals
Mic Michaeli – keyboards, piano, backing vocals, rhythm guitar
Ian Haugland – drums, percussion, backing vocals

Track Listing

01) War Of Kings
02) Hole In My Pocket
03) The Second Day
04) Praise You
05) Nothin’ To Ya
06) California 405
07) Days Of Rock n Roll
08) Children Of The Mind
09) Rainbow Bridge
10) Angels (With Broken Hearts)
11) Light Me Up
Bonus: Vasastan (Instrumental)

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