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RedCD Review
Of Beauty and Rage
By: Robert Winans

Red has put out a really strong album this year with the appropriately titled Of Beauty and Rage. It is the follow up to the not well liked Release The Panic which sharply contrasts their styles. The former being that of a fast paced but seemingly haphazardly put together album looking to break more radio rock devoid of effort. However, the new album is looking to be much more hopeful.

Of Beauty and Rage affords more effort towards making a beautiful symphonic album. Its range moves from piano interludes with clean vocal ballads, to trudging guitar strikes mostly staying to the orchestral while incorporating powerful, though at times, grating vocals. The vibe is clear that it wanted to seem more like a scored series of pieces connected, while retaining that musical feel of the late nineties kind of like having the Philharmonic joining Daughtry and throwing some Three Days Grace in there.

The sound suggests that it is a response to the criticisms of their last albums shortcomings. It does well approaching the melodic orchestra rock sound prevailing throughout with songs like “Yours Again” and “Shadow and Soul” seeming to be most memorable. A powerfully blended effort towards bridging alternative rock with symphonic overtures proving that Red can put together a well written album with a multitude of elements, ranging from dark and powerful, to whimsical and cathartic.

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