Weiland Leaves Fans Yearning For Yesterday

DSC_1928Concert Review
Scott Weiland
Bear’s Den
Niagara Falls, NY

Friday September 5, 2014
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto


It has taken me some time to digest what went down on stage at the Bear’s Den last Friday evening. Normally I can get a review up and posted in a reasonable amount of time, but this show was different. The former frontman in both Stone Temple Pilots and supergroup Velvet Revolver, Scott Weiland, made his first visit to the Seneca Niagara Casino. Unfortunately it was memorable but not in the manner he was hoping for. Fans who have never seen Weiland perform live may not have been aware that he seemed a mere shadow of his former self.

The Bear’s Den is a unique venue as it brings the artist and fans closer together and usually makes for an intimate show filled with much interaction. It is the penultimate venue for any diehards of a particular artist. As a fan yelled out to Scott Weiland early on “Your the best singer in Rock N’ Roll”. Weiland politely responded by casually saying “thank you”. What I wasn’t quite sure of was how the fan arrived at that conclusion. Sure Weiland in his prime was on top of his game as he was known as one of the best singers in the business. However it appears his best days may be behind him.

The show start itself started twenty minutes past the 8pm scheduled start time moreover ended abruptly after a quick encore of “Unglued”. A seventy-minute show is one of the shortest headlining shows this reviewer has seen in quite some time. Perhaps we should cut Weiland a little slack as there were reports earlier in the week that he was under the weather and had to cut a few shows short.

Usually one to roam the stage Weiland seemed a little stiff as he said little or next to nothing other than a few thank you’s after songs and quickly announcing a few songs before they were played. The show seemed a little stale until the band tore through well-known songs “The Big Empty”, “Vasoline” and “Slither” which was the brighter part of his show.

Weiland, who is no stranger to media scrutiny, did provide an interesting set list that featured songs throughout his career. It was a shame that it was far cry from one of his better performances. What is more important at this stage is Weiland can get the help he needs to take care of himself. Here’s to hoping Weiland can bounce back yet again, regain his former form and show everyone he can still be a relevant force in music.

Special thanks to Tony Astran and Leslie Logan from Seneca Resorts & Casinos

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