Dead Daisies Kickstart Rock N’ Roll Party

TDD PRSHOTConcert Review
The Dead Daisies
Darien Lake PAC
Darien Center, NY
Wednesday August 13, 2014
Review: Joseph Suto



The Dead Daisies touched down for the second time in less than a month at the Darien Lake PAC this time opening up the Kiss and Def Leppard show. In case you haven’t heard of them don’t worry you may not be alone. You may know some of the members from their other various music endeavors. Jon Stevens (INXS) leads the charge on vocals alongside guitarists David Lowy, and Richard Fortus (Guns N’ Roses). Completing the band on this night were drummer Brian Tichy (Whitesnake, Foreigner), bassist Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy) and keyboardist Dizzy Reed (Guns N’ Roses).

The band played a blistering thirty-minute set that helped set the tone for the rest of the evening. Anyone who took in the set would attest these guys played like a hungry band, one that played all out holding nothing back. Why shouldn’t they? Each member is a veteran who reached a certain level of success during their career and are giving their all to see where the band goes from here.

Judging by the reaction they received during their latest single “Face I Love” and closer, a cover of The Beatles “Helter Skelter” this band is on their way to success. The sky is the limit. It has been a while that an opening band has made people take notice. Cinderella, Tesla and Queensryche went from openers to headliners in the eighties. We’ll see if the Dead Daisies can follow the path and do the same. Shame on anyone who missed the band’s set Wednesday evening, you missed a dandy.

Set List
Your Karma
Make the Best Of It
Angel In Your Eyes
Face I Love
Lock ‘n’ Load
Helter Skelter

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