Hagar’s History Of Rock A Must See

DSC_8466Concert Review
Sammy Hagar
Lewiston, NY

Tuesday July 29, 2014
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto


One of the most anticipated shows of the summer took place on the outdoor stage at Artpark Tuesday evening as Sammy Hagar along with bassist Michael Anthony, guitarist Vic Johnson and drummer Jason Bonham gave the fans in attendance a rock n’ roll history lesson and then some.

The show began with a video presentation that went through spanning Hagar’s career. It displayed pictures and played songs from all phases including Montrose, HSAS, Van Halen, Chickenfoot and his solo career. When it ended the band hit the stage and kicked into high gear with the Hagar classic “There’s Only One Way To Rock”. The Montrose flavor of “Rock Candy” followed by “Good Times Bad Times”, the first of a handful of Led Zeppelin tunes played during the evening.

The show was similar in some aspects to Hagar’s Four Decades Of Rock tour from a year ago in that he told the crowd the year of release before breaking into some of the songs. While last year focused more on the solo career, the addition of Bonham made it a no brainer to feature some Led Zep.

As the show moved along Hagar told the crowd how he and the band had a couple of days off and took in the Queen show up in Toronto the night before. With his passion for music it was not surprising to hear him say how great Queen was last night.

One highlight we need to mention was during “Moby Dick” when the video screen behind Jason showed his late father John, the Led Zeppelin drummer playing along as Bonham pounded away on the skins.

The show ended with plenty of Van Halen as Hagar and Company played such songs as “Why Can’t This Be Love”, “Best Of Both Worlds” and “Right Now”. One special aspect in seeing Hagar and Anthony together on stage again makes it the only place to hear authentic renditions of Hagar’s time in Van Halen. That other group doesn’t play em’ anymore.

Sammy Hagar does not come to this neck of the woods nearly enough. In fact his last appearance was over eight years ago. Probably the most shocking thing was the fact this show did not sell out but was close with over 8,000 in attendance. While it had a party atmosphere like Hagar shows usually tend to have, it seemed more of a celebration of good times, great music and more importantly enjoying a beautiful summer night, thankfully one that was not too hot among family and friends. Do come back again soon Mr. Hagar.

There’s Only One Way to Rock
Rock Candy (Montrose cover)
Good Times Bad Times (Zep cover)
Poundcake (VH cover)
I Can’t Drive 55
Bass Solo
When It’s Love (VH cover)
Whole Lotta Love (Zep cover)
Little White Lie
When the Levee Breaks (Zep cover)
Moby Dick (Zep cover)
Why Can’t This Be Love (VH cover)
Finish What Ya Started (VH cover)
Heavy Metal
Guitar Solo
Best of Both Worlds (VH cover)
Right Now (VH cover)
Rock and Roll (Zep cover)
Dreams (VH cover acoustic)

Special thanks to Maria Hays for setting us up to review the show!!

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