Boston Leaves Everyone Feelin’ Satisfied

DSC_5316Concert Review
Tuesday In The Park

Lewiston, NY
Tuesday July 8, 2014
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto


Despite some heavy downpours throughout the day, classic rock band Boston managed to get the show in. The weather cleared up just in time for the band to complete their soundcheck. Local favorites Bruce Wojick & The Struggle got the crowd warmed up. The venue filled up very nicely by the time Boston took the stage as the sold-out crowd didn’t let mother nature alter their plans.

As the band took to the stage and got things started with what has become their customary opener “Rock & Roll Band” you knew things were about to get even better. “Smokin” quickly followed as the band then tore into “Feelin’ Satisfied”. It was quite fitting when vocalist Tommy DeCarlo sang the verse “You gotta have a little rock ‘n’ roll music, To get you through the stormy weather”.

As far as the sound of the show goes, I don’t think there has been a better sounding show at Artpark. When Boston played on the Third Stage tour back in 1987, I still recall that as the best sounding show in the old cavernous Aud, a venue that was never known for great acoustics. Boston prides itself on replicating the sound of the studio albums and assembled quite a cast of musicians to pull it off. Drummer Jeff Neal, bassists Kimberely Dahme and Tracy Ferrie along with longtime guitarist Gary Pihl and of course guitarist Tom Scholz did an amazing job. DeCarlo provided steady, competent vocals and really didn’t try to do anything to standout like most singers do. For one reason or another guitarist-vocalist David Victor was not present as the band played as a six piece. Siobhan Magnus from American Idol, Season 9, did come out to perform with the band near the tail end of the show.

Boston basically let the music do their talking.  DeCarlo shined in particular on  “Don’t Look Back”. I was amazed at how great it sounded. Boston managed to reach into each of their six studio albums including their latest release Life, Love & Hope as they performed the title track. “Cool The Engines” and “Peace Of Mind” were among the many hits and highlights.

Boston has always been guitarist Tom Scholz’ baby as he is the lone original member still active with the band. He handles producing, songwriting and is basically the mastermind behind Boston. He has pieced together what he calls the best sounding band in their long history. Judging by the fans reaction to the show Tuesday night most would concur as the band looked and sounded fantastic.

Set List
Rock & Roll Band
Feelin’ Satisfied
Last Day of School
Life, Love & Hope
Peace of Mind
It’s Been Such a Long Time Interlude
Cool the Engines
Surrender to Me
Don’t Look Back
Something About You
The Launch
More Than a Feeling
Guitar Solo
A New World
To Be a Man
Walk On / Get Organ-ized / Walk On (Some More)
Foreplay / Long Time
I Think I Like It

Special thanks to Maria Hays for setting us up to review

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