John Sebastian Still In Style Today

jsebConcert Review
John Sebastian
Palace Theatre
Hamburg, NY
Thursday April 10, 2014
Review: Joseph Suto



The Palace Theatre welcomed John Sebastian to town Thursday evening. The near capacity crowd were treated to several stories between songs as the singer-songwriter recalled memories from his time in the Lovin’ Spoonful up to the present time.

Early highlights of his set included “Do You Believe In Magic” and “Strings Of Your Heart.”

At one point he stated how after he left the Lovin’ Spoonful that he wasn’t in style for a bit. He said he was out of style four or five times over his career drawing some laughter from the crowd as he introduced the song that brought him back to the forefront “Welcome Back.”

The one man shows are very informative as they give the artist more time to talk to the audience and it gives them an insightful look into some of the songs and moments of the artists career. Sebastian seldom played two songs in a row as he intertwined stories between songs.

“Daydream” was probably the highlight of the whole night as it drew a standing ovation at its conclusion. For an encore Sebastian ended the show with the Spoonful classic “Darlin’ Be Home Soon.”

It was a treat to see one of the most influential songwriters not only play so many treasures but perform them effortlessly. As a guitar player Sebastian has not lost a thing. While his voice may not be what it once was, he gives it all he’s got. With nothing to prove at this point in his career it appears Sebastian is just enjoying himself on stage. With all the accolades he has earned, he could just sail away into the sunset but with some gas left in the tank he chooses to give his fans the joy of seeing him perform a little while longer.

Set List
I’m Satisfied
Avalon Blues
Don’t Stop Until You’re Worn Out
IMG_0235Do You Believe In Magic
You Didn’t Have To Be So Nice
Younger Girl
Strings Of Your Heart
My Passing Fantasy
Welcome Back
Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind?
Nashville Cats
Tap That Thing
Darlin’ Be Home Soon

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