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Compiling a top twenty-five list of my favorite Beatles songs was a daunting task to say the least. As we mark the 50th anniversary of their historic first appearance on Ed Sullivan it’s hard to believe the amount of amazing songs the band would write and record during their tenure.

What is even more amazing to consider is that they came to America on February 9, 1964 and just six years and two months later they had disbanded. Let’s put that in perspective by looking at a band like U2, who in 34 years still has not matched the number of studio albums The Beatles put out in those six short years.

This list represents my current listening tastes, but I am always stumbling across Beatles songs I haven’t heard in a while and then thinking “wow that is a great song.” So if I were around for the 100th anniversary of their appearance on Ed Sullivan this list would probably look very different, and it may look different next week.

The Beatles were a special band. They went out like a great athlete-when they were at the top of their game-and never took the bait of a big payday to reunite. Even though John Lennon was murdered at a young age, there were ten long years when they could have reunited. Instead, the band’s legacy remains untarnished, and fifty years later we are still talking with reverence about four young lads from Liverpool.

The Rock Show Critique Top 25
01. Here Comes The Sun
02. A Day In The Life
03. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
04. Eleanor Rigby
05. In My Life
06. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
07. Yesterday
08. Hey Jude
09. A Hard Day’s Night
10. Let It Be
11. Norwegian Wood
12. Penny Lane
13. Day Tripper
14. Ballad Of John And Yoko
15. Come Together
16. All My Loving
17. We Can Work It Out
18. Golden Slumbers- Carry That Weight- The End
19. Hello Goodbye
20. Revolution
21. Baby Your’e A Rich Man
22. She Loves You
23. I Want To Hold Your Hand
24. This Boy
25. Help

Editor’s note: Five very knowledgeable music connoisseur’s went through the Beatles catalog and ranked their top 25 songs in order to give the public a first-rate classification of the Fab Four. The list above represents a final list based upon everyone’s compilations. See individual lists of those involved in the rankings below.

In all seventy different songs were chosen which goes to show how varied everyone’s taste was in the selecting process.

The Compilers- Click on each individual name to see their list

Thom Jennings
Joseph Suto
James Baase
David Leary
Jeffrey Suto

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