Summerfest Fit For Kings At Town Ballroom

DSC_9976Concert Review
We The Kings
Town Ballroom
Buffalo, NY

Monday August 26, 2013
Photos/Review: Joseph Suto



It wasn’t the biggest crowd at the Town Ballroom, what did you expect? It was a Monday evening after all. What the exuberant crowd lacked in size, they sure made up for with their voices. The crowd, mostly made up of young adolescent females who shrieked along to the We The Kings’ every move and sang along to every song with delight. Considering how long the band has been around, their debut dropped in 2007, I was quite surprised the band didn’t cater more to college kids as opposed to those starting high school.


Vocalist Travis Clark has the frontman position down to a science as he easily led the band through song after song and even took time to invite a gal up on stage to go on a date with him during “Friday Forever.” Joining Clark were original members guitarist Hunter Thomsen and drummer Danny Duncan. The newest members of the band include bassist Charles Trippy and Coley O’Toole on rhythm guitar and keys.

The band opened with a brand new song “Find you There,” one of three singles released on itunes and should appear on their soon to be released album. Some of the earlier highlights included a brilliant “She Takes Me High” and a cover of Rihanna’s “Stay.”



“We’ll Be A Dream” finished off the set before the band came back out for the encore. The Bruno Mars cover of “Billionaire,” “Say You Like Me” and the song that helped put the band in the public eye, “Check Yes Juliet” ended the show.

With each subsequent album release the band has fared better than the previous. Once the new full length release hits it will mark their fourth album. While they have fared well, this is the one the band really hopes to help propel them to the next level. From what I’ve seen and heard so far they are headed on the right path.

Set List
Find You There
DSC_9981Skyway Avenue
What You Do to Me
She Takes Me High
Secret Valentine
Party, Fun, Love & Radio
Just Keep Breathing
Friday Is Forever
Drum Solo
Mr. Brightside
Any Other Way
We’ll Be a Dream
Say You Like Me
Check Yes Juliet

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