Severe Halestorm Hits Canalside

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Buffalo, NY

Thursday August 8, 2013
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto



Thursday evening at Canalside, the Grammy award winning band from Red Lion, Pennsylvania Halestorm took over the stage. The band features siblings Lzzy and Arejay Hale along with lead guitarist Joe Hottinger and bassist Josh Smith.

Opening with “Love Bites (So Do I)”, the song which won them the Grammy for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance, the band proceeded to kick it into high gear as they followed with raucous “Mz. Hyde”. In all the band played nine of the twelve cuts from their 2012 Top 15 album The Strange Case Of…

Just before “Break In” Lzzy told the crowd how she appreciated every time they play Buffalo, how the fans make it feel like home to her. Halestorm seems to be one of those bands that really have made a connection to this town. It was evident by how fast the front of the stage area filled up Thursday evening. The crowd leaned more on the younger side more so than normal on this particular evening. Considering how popular Halestorm has become it was no surprise.

As the show progressed on, Arejay dazzled us with a drum solo and before it was over, he brought out his oversize drum sticks a gimmick he has used in the past.

As the band came back out for a quick encore featuring the band’s latest single “Here’s To Us” one thing was very noticeable, singer Lzzy Hale sounded as good live as she does on the records and that is not always an easy thing to pull off. As the band ended the show with perhaps their best song of the night in “I Miss The Misery” it was apparent how far this band has come. Now as we await the band’s next album, we will see if the band will continue on their meteoric rise to the top. Judging by the reaction of the Buffalo faithful the band keeps winning new fans over which will only help their cause.

Set List
Love Bites (So Do I)
Mz. Hyde
You Call Me a Bitch Like It’s a Bad Thing
Freak Like Me
Daughters of Darkness
Straight Through the Heart (Dio Cover)
Rock Show
Break In
Familiar Taste of Poison
Drum Solo
Slave to the Grind (Skid Row Cover)
It’s Not You
I Get Off
Here’s to Us
I Miss the Misery

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