Buckcherry Rocks Braun’s All Night Long

DSC_8175Concert Review
Braun’s Concert Cove
Akron, NY
Monday August 12, 2013
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto



Occasionally you go to a show and you kind of know what to expect. After all having seen Buckcherry numerous times in the past, one thing I knew is they deliver a quality, rocking show every time out. This is one band that you will never see going through the motions or mailing it in. Braun’s Concert Cove had a vibe like it never had before as Josh Todd and the rest of Buckcherry played a show of epic proportion Monday evening. The band brought that pure raw energy they are known for as they played to a decent size crowd for a Monday.

The road warriors of Buckcherry are still touring in support of their sixth studio release Confessions that was released earlier this year. The band has been on the road almost non stop since January. As the crushing guitars of “Lit Up” ripped through the venue it was an appropriate way to jumpstart the affair. Not taking the foot off the gas as they blazed through “Rescue Me” and “All Night Long”.

The band has been together now for nine years with no lineup changes which by far is no easy feat in today’s crazy world of the music business. Keeping this lineup intact has helped the band to mix up songs in the set on a nightly basis, giving them the capability to dig out an unexpected song at any time. This tour alone the band has played forty different songs. The solid rhythm section that consisted of bassist Jimmy Ashhurst and drummer Xavier Muriel were also on top of their game.

The band sprinkled in nine tracks from 15, which is no surprise considering it is their best selling album. The band recently played the whole album at a recent gig in Sturgis. Oddly enough the album they are touring for they only tapped into twice.

Closing out the set with an arousing version of “Carousel” before playing a snippet of the Stones’ “Miss You” which led into “Crazy Bitch”. “Crazy Bitch” was the song that fueled their surprise comeback in 2004 and was also the song that the audience was into the most as fists pumped in the air throughout the crowd.

During the encore guitarists Keith Nelson and Stevie Dacanay brought the show home as they played a rare version of “Brooklyn”. The final song of the night, “Dirty Mind” left the audience begging for more. The fast rocker from their debut release had the still energetic Todd bouncing all over the stage to bring everything to a close. A fitting way to end the best show Braun’s Concert Cove has put on….so far.

Set List
Lit Up
Rescue Me
All Night Long
Lawless and Lulu
Next 2 You
Nothing Left But Tears
Crazy Bitch
Dirty Mind

Special thanks to Paul Gargano from Century Media Records for setting us up to review the show

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with guitarist Keith Nelson that was done prior to the show

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