Jackyl Returns For First Area Show In Six Years

DSC_3662_edited-1Concert Review
Braun’s Concert Cove
Akron, NY
Saturday July 27, 2013
Review: Andy Belkota
Photos: Buffalo Ray Halm





It has been six long years since Jackyl has been in the Western NY area. Saturday evening Jesse James Dupree and Company brought the rock to town. Promoting their latest album Best In Show the band performed songs “Best In Show”, “Encore”, “Screwdriver” and “Better Than Chicken”. They set the tone like Jackyl usually does. Along for the ride were brothers Jeff and Chris Worley and bassist Roman Glick.

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Braun’s Cove turned into Jackyl’s Bar and Grill With a surprise visit by wrestler “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and The Flaunt Girls. The band also played the classics such as “I Stand Alone”, “She Loves My Cock,” “Redneck Punk”, “When Will It Rain”, and what Jackyl show would be complete without “Down On Me”. Of course Dupree fired up the chain saw for “The Lumberjack Song” as he usually does to end the show. Turning an evening with Jackyl into a more frequent, even yearly event would be great.

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Thanks to Ross Catalino for allowing us to review the show!

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