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KComeCD Review
Kingdom Come
Review: Joseph Suto


Formed in 1987, Kingdom Come released their self titled debut album Kingdom Come, which to date remains their biggest selling release. The lone mainstay throughout the bands long history has been singer Lenny Wolf. Wolf produced, engineered, mixed and mastered Outlier, his latest release. He also plays all the instruments himself with the exception of the guitar solos. Outlier took some eighteen months to complete and is the bands first output since 2009s Magnified.

Those expecting Wolf to return to the sound of his earlier albums will be disappointed to an extent. The new material does still have the unmistakeable vocals of Wolf but the music has added an industrial element giving it a more modern and stronger edge than anything he has recorded in the past.

“Running High Distortion” is a perfect example of how Wolf has taken the new sound, intertwined his voice which results in a song that breaks new ground. The pulsating beat gives the song a harder edge and adds a new aspect to the mix.

“The Trap Is Alive” and “Let The Silence Talk”, might be two of the exceptions on the release as they are more straight ahead rock tracks reminiscent of the bands older material.

It is good to see an artist not rely on their past and go beyond the norm to create different elements as they give their music a whole new perspective. Wolf has the stage now and I for one would find it enticing to see how Wolf delivers the new songs in a live setting.


01. God Does Not Sing Our Song
02. Running High Distortion
03. Rough Ride Rallye
04. Let The Silence Talk
05. Holy Curtain
06. The Trap Is Alive
07. Slip The Cover And Feel
08. Don’t Want You To Wait
09. Such A Shame
10. When Colors Break The Grey

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