Aaron Lewis Shows His Versatility To Western NY

DSC_1421Concert Review
Aaron Lewis
Club Infinity
Clarence, NY
Thursday December 13, 2012
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto



Aaron Lewis made another appearance in Western New York Thursday evening, but this time not in the manner which he ever did before. Lewis touring in support of his first full length solo album entitled The Road, took to the stage at Club Infinity and played his first ever country show in the Buffalo area. Lewis, normally the lead vocalist with the alternative rock group Staind, is venturing out in a new direction while the band is taking some time off.

He took to the stage with a full band, something he did not do when he came to The Bears Den, the last time he visited us as a solo artist. Beginning with “75” a cut from the new album, Lewis proceeded to play a generous portion off The Road as well as a few cuts from his 2011 Town Line EP.

The highlight of the set was towards the end as the main portion of the set closed with the lone Staind song of the evening, “It’s Been Awhile” done with some country flavoring, and still sounded brilliant. Lewis returned to the stage alone as he did “Lessons Learned” followed by a phenomenal cover of Bob Seger’s “Turn The Page”. To close out his performance Lewis ended with what is becoming his trademark song in “Country Boy”.

If you didn’t know who Aaron Lewis was, after seeing this show it would be hard to fathom him being in a band like Staind. It’s like Lewis has gone from one extreme to another. His foray into the world of country did not make him seem out of place, in fact he seemed very much at home up on stage. Lewis is an outstanding musician who showed he can be chameleon-like and can very much play more than one genre of music and still be successful.


Set List
The Story Never Ends
The Road
Granddaddy’s Gun
Vicious Circles
Keeping Up With The Joneses
State Lines
Tangled Up In You
Red, White, Blue
What Hurts The Most
Endless Summer
Party In Hell
It’s Been Awhile (Staind)
Lessons Learned
Turn The Page (Bob Seger Cover)
Country Boy

Special thanks to Karen Tallier from Loudmouth Entertainment and Ross Catalino for all their help.

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