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Jeff Lynne has finally come out of seclusion. Lynne, the singer and songwriter behind the Electric Light Orchestra has been kind of silent since the release of the last ELO record Zoom in 2001. Now finally after his remoteness he has released not just one, but two new recordings. He has just released a solo album and an ELO album both on the same day. He also produced a handful of tracks off Joe Walsh’s Analog Man which came out over this past summer. Lynne has stated he worked on both these releases for three years putting in six days a week to complete them.

Starting off with his latest solo effort Long Wave, this time around Lynne has decided to dig into the past for some lost classics. The album features all covers of songs from which Jeff fondly remembered hearing on the long wave radio when he was growing up.

Some of the highlights we recommend would be “Let It Rock”, the upbeat “Beyond The Sea” and the lead single “Mercy Mercy”. Lynne has done a solid job with updating these songs, all the while staying true to the originals. Consider this a must have for any Jeff Lynne fans.

The second release entitled Mr. Blue Sky-The Very Best Of Electric Light Orchestra is a recreation of the band’s greatest hits. Jeff Lynne played all the instruments, as well as all the vocals and background vocals with the exception of four tracks on which his daughter Laura Lynne also sang backgrounds on.

The album includes many of the songs one would expect to find on an ELO hits collection. There is also an unreleased song that Jeff recorded about five years ago entitled “Point Of No Return” which is included as a bonus track.

Lynne started this release by recording “Mr. Blue Sky” hence how the title came about. He then recorded a song or two at a time until he had what you see here. Lynne wanted to update the songs due to the fact he thought they sounded dated. He felt with all the new technology available, as well as being more proficient as a producer, that it was time to update these songs so they were more vibrant. He has succeeded in that respect as many of the songs sound clearer, sharper and a more full sound.

“Telephone Line” and “Can’t Get It Out Of My Head” are two of the songs that really stand out due to the enhancement. Other songs such as “Evil Woman”, “Turn To Stone” and “Livin’ Thing” all seem richer and more vivid. Lynne has done it again as he has given these classics a second lease on life, not that they needed it anyway.


Jeff Lynne Track Listing
01. She
02. If I Love You
03. So Sad
04. Mercy, Mercy
05. Running Scared
06. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
07. Smile
08. At Last
09. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
10. Let It Rock

Electric Light Orchestra Track Listing
01. Mr. Blue Sky
02. Evil Woman
03. Strange Magic
04. Don’t Bring Me Down
05. Turn To Stone
06. Telephone Line
07. Showdown
08. Livin’ Thing
09. Do Ya
10. 10538 Overture
11. Can’t Get It Out Of My Head
12. Point Of No Return

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