CD Review- Susanna Hoffs

CD Review
Susanna Hoffs
Baroque Folk
By: Joseph Suto

Susanna Hoffs is best known as the most popular member of The Bangles. It was mostly her songs that received the notoriety despite all members dividing up the writing and the singing evenly. This caused some friction and the band broke apart in 1989. Hoffs then recorded her first solo outing When You’re A Boy in 1991. She didn’t release a second solo disc until 1996 as it failed to chart. Sixteen years later we have her third release Someday.

Someday is a stripped down affair that features the fine voice of Hoffs with a ton of acoustic flavored numbers. The album is about love and hope moreover it takes you back in time. Hoffs voice has never sounded better as these songs prove that she can still deliver some gems. The album is full of great songs and melodies that will get stuck in your head very quickly. “Holding My Breath” is very reminiscent of an early seventies Kinks tune. Several songs have a sixties influence. Leadoff cut “November Sun”, the delightful “Picture Me” and optimistic “One Day” all are standout tracks.

The album was produced by Mitch Froom who had previously worked with The Bangles on their Different Light album. “Raining” was a song Hoffs co-wrote with Mike Campbell from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers back in 1989 that was brought up to date.

Hoffs has delivered perhaps her finest vocal accomplishment. This album is chock full of excellent songs and is a very upbeat experience. Needless to say it is a strong candidate for one of the best releases from 2012.

01. November Sun
02. Always Enough
03. Picture Me
04. One Day
05. Holding My Breath
06. All I Need
07. Raining
08. Regret
09. This Is The Place
10. True

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