Tate Gives Rochester A Montage Of His History

Concert Review
Geoff Tate
Voice Of Queensrÿche
Montage Music Hall
Rochester, NY

Friday October 19, 2012
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto



Billed as Geoff Tate- the voice of Queensyche, Mr. Tate brought his solo show to the Montage Music Hall Friday evening. For those trying to make sense with all that is going on with Geoff and Queensryche here it is in a nutshell. Geoff and his former bandmates both have the right to use the name pending further judicial review. Geoff will tour under the moniker Queensryche in 2013 with an already announced lineup of talented musicians. To close out 2012, Tate is touring in support of his upcoming release Kings & Thieves which comes out on November 6.

Due to several unexpected issues with his tour bus this show now became the kickoff to the Kings & Thieves solo tour. The diverse set was a pleasing blend of his solo material and Queensryche. Some of the highlights included a pair of rare cuts culled from the Promised Land release in “Bridge” and “Out Of Mind”. As he introduced the latter, Geoff spoke of his younger years of how he spent time with his Mother as she worked at a mental hospital.

Tate played several songs from his upcoming Kings & Thieves release along with a handful from his first solo album as well. “Off The TV” arguably the best track from his self-titled debut was notable as it helped set the tone for the evening as it was played second in the set.

He decided to save the best of the night for the end as the main set closed out with “Silent Lucidity” and “Jet City Woman” both sublime tracks from the biggest selling album Geoff was a part of the 1990 triple platinum release Empire. As he came back for an encore of “Eyes Of A Stranger” he thanked the crowd for their years of support as he bid them sweet adieu.

Geoff Tate is considered to be one of the most highly regarded singers among the metal community. There was a time when his unique voice was the face of metal as Queensryche rose to popularity in the late eighties. Tate doesn’t sing as high as he once did but his vocal delivery is still very strong and smooth. Any fan of his body of work, will not be disappointed in seeing a Geoff Tate solo show as he will dig into the old bags of tricks every now and then.

Set List
Off The TV
Sacred Ground
The Way I Roll
Out of Mind
Real World
Another Rainy Night
The Killing Words
Until There Was You
Dark Money
Take A Bullet
Say U Love It
Got It Bad
In The Dirt
The Thin Line
Grain Of Faith
Silent Lucidity
Jet City Woman
Eyes Of A Stranger

Cheers to Jeff Albright from The Albright Entertainment Group for setting us up to review the show.

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