Scorpions Hit Toronto Between The Eyes And Bid Farewell

Concert Review
Molson Amphitheatre
Toronto, Ontario
July 2, 2012
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto



The Scorpions rode into Toronto for possibly the final time of their illustrious career Monday evening. This occasion marked the second time the band has played here during their three year final farewell tour that began in 2010. Despite the set lists from both shows being strikingly similar – a few songs were changed – the band still displayed the hunger and desire of a band trying to finish their career on top of their game.

Singer Klaus Meine and company left it all on the stage on this particular evening at The Molson Amphitheatre. As the band took the stage and started right into “Sting In The Tail”, you just knew the night would become one to remember for a long time. Guitarists Rudolph Schenker and Matthias Jabs played with conviction and you could see by the smiles on their faces how much they enjoy playing in front of their fans. The rhythm section featured the power house drumming of James Kottak and Pawel Mąciwoda on bass guitar.

The band focused on the pre-Blackout era next as they dug into a few tracks each from the Lovedrive and Animal Magnetism albums. One of the highlights featured “Is There Anybody There?”, a song that rarely was performed during the bands heyday in the 80s.

“Wind Of Change” was the point where the crowd really seemed to become part of the show as they sang along loudly. By the end Meine said he enjoyed coming to this city as it always gets crazy like this.

“Send Me An Angel” started off a two-song acoustic segment that had all five members at the front of the ramp leading out into the pit area of the floors. Following “Holiday” the show picked up like a train going down a steep hill as “Tease Me Please Me” and “Hit Between The Eyes”, a pair of cuts from Crazy World, were performed. Following Kottak’s blistering solo, the pace was elevated higher as “Blackout” was churned out and to everyone’s delight still sounded as powerful in concert as it ever had.

As the show progressed it seemed every song stood out more than the previous. The three screens behind the band depicted a city with the words Toronto scrolled across it during “Big City Nights”. Coming back for an encore the band played “Still Loving You”, a song that was omitted when they played here in June of 2010. There really was no surprise the band would end the show with their 1982 smash “No One Like You” followed by “Rock You Like A Hurricane”. “Rock You Like A Hurricane”, as expected had half the audience turned into air guitarists as the band ended the show and said their final goodbyes to the Toronto faithful.

When it was originally announced, the farewell tour was to last three years and was to take the band all over so they could give their fans a proper good bye one final time. With both Meine and founding member Schenker nearing their mid sixties, the band felt it was the right time to take their finals bows. They have left the door open for the possibility of recording again. After witnessing this performance, I see a band that still has a lot left to give and really have to wonder if the band might change their mind about ever touring again. If this is really the end at least Toronto was extremely fortunate to be able to be treated to not one but two completely enjoyable shows.

Set List
Sting In The Tail
Make It Real
Is There Anybody There?
The Zoo
Coast To Coast
Loving You Sunday Morning
Wind Of Change
The Best Is Yet To Come
Send Me An Angel- acoustic
Holiday- acoustic
Raised On Rock
Tease Me Please Me
Hit Between The Eyes
Kottak Attack
Six String Sting
Big City Nights
Still Loving You
No One Like You
Rock You Like A Hurricane

Special thanks to Eve Samuels for the photo pass.

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