Toronto Welcomes Creed With Arms Wide Open

Danforth Music Hall
Toronto, Ontario
Wednesday May 30, 2012
Review/Photos By: Joseph Suto




Creed played the Danforth Music Hall Wednesday evening to a near capacity crowd. The show marked the bands first in Toronto since 2002 (The band did play a very special show in 09’ at a very small capacity club) as singer Scott Stapp mentioned at one point during the show. Stapp along with fellow band members, guitarist Mark Tremonti, bassist Brian Marshall and drummer Scott Phillips have been back at it since 2009 after a five year hiatus. Joining them was touring guitarist Eric Friedman. Creed are winding down their “2 Nights Live Tour” in which select cities where they play two nights, the My Own Prison album is played one night then Human Clay the second. Wednesday was the lone Toronto date so the band fired up Human Clay much to the delight of the crowd.

The band started right into it with “Are You Ready” and sounded really good in reproducing the album. It was interesting to hear some of the lessor known tunes on the album as the band cranked them out one after another, not really addressing the crowd too much in between. Stapp has not lost any range with his vocals and displayed his power on several tracks. The time off during the bands downtime (2004-09) has helped Stapp preserve his voice. The crowd seemed to enjoy the show but it wasn’t until the two megahits “Higher” and “With Arms Wide Open” where they really came alive. As the album closed with the “Inside Us All” the band continued on by breaking into “Bullets” from the Weathered album. Creed played a few more hits and left the stage. Back for a astounding encore of “One Last Breath”, the band then closed out the one hundred-plus minute show with “My Sacrifice”.

Shows like this make it more special for the long time fans of the band as they get to see songs performed that seldom are, making it a rare treat. The real treat however, was being able to see the original band perform at a top notch level and perform their biggest selling album along with some of their greatest hits in a very intimate venue…priceless.

Set List
Are You Ready?
What If
Wrong Way
Say I
Faceless Man
Never Die
With Arms Wide Open
Wash Away Those Years
Inside Us All
My Own Prison
One Last Breath
My Sacrifice

A very special Thank You to Live Nation Ontario for all of their help in securing credentials for us!

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