Sass Jordan Brings Her “A” Game To The Den

Sass Jordan

The Bears Den @ Seneca Niagara Casino
Niagara Falls, NY
January 14, 2012
By Joseph Suto


Canadian powerhouse vocalist Sass Jordan made a return to the Bears Den Saturday night with a splendid set that featured an array of songs from her discography. Jordan made a splash on the music scene back in 1992 with her critically acclaimed album Racine. This was a fine show to kick off the 2012 concert year!

Jordan and her band were in good form with plenty of energy. Guitarist/Husband Derek Sharp also is the lead singer for The Guess Who these days. The band played some of Jordan’s standards such as “High Road Easy” and “You Don’t Have To Remind Me”. The sound was impeccable and it was good to see Sass in a pristine venue where one could relax and just enjoy the music.

A cool moment during the show occurred when guitarists Sharp and Chris Caddell began playing the encore of “I Wanna Believe”. Each took turns singing a verse a piece allowing Sass to sing the chorus and brought a newness to the song not heard before. As she thanked the fans for making her night, one could see how she could make you a believer.

The Band
Chris Caddell – Lead Guitar
Derek Sharp – Guitar/Keyboard
Stan Miczek – Bass
Charlie Cooley – Drums

Special Thanks to Tony Astran for making it possible for us to review the concert!

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