Full Steam Ahead, Jack Is Back!!!

Jack Russell’s Great White
Delzano’s By The Sea
Redondo Beach, CA
January 14, 2012
Photos By Christin Tank
Article by Joseph Suto

Jack Russell made his way back to a concert stage for the first time since mid 2010. Russell has been through the ringer and was sidelined with a perforated bowel, definitely something that is not fun to experience. This show is his first to feature his latest band including guitarist Robby Lochner, bassist Dario Seixas (formerly of FireHouse), drummer Derrick Pontier (formerly from Great White, Samantha 7). Due to other commitments guitarist Matthew Johnson was forced to miss the show but will be aboard on all future shows. Filling in for this show was guitarist Evan Haymond.

Russell and his voice appeared to be in fine form according to our Southern California correspondent. The set was mighty short compared to what fans would have hoped for but at this time it was great to see Jack just making a triumphant return to the stage.

Here is Jack’s statement regarding his first show back
Dear Shipmates,

A lot of you have been asking why we did not play more classic Great White songs at the Pre NAMM performance. There was a reason for the particular songs chosen and the order in which they were performed ‘Cant Shake It’ deals with addiction, ‘Sister Mary’ I put in for my wife who has had her arms wrapped around me since we met. ‘It Don’t Come Easy’ “Got to pay your dues if you wanna sing the blues and you know it don’t come easy”. And I am here to tell you my friends it sure don’t come easy. ‘Wish You Were Here’ refers to the absolute abandonment by my former band members over the last year and a half. ‘Once Bitten Twice Shy’ as you all know I have been bitten more that once by my disease of addiction and at this point I am definitely twice shy. ‘Shelter Me’ I believe is obvious.

Our tour will start in the beginning of March and we will be announcing dates hopefully this week. Our set will consist of all your favorites as well as mine and will feature songs we have not played in years. We will be changing the set nightly to keep it fresh for you. Looking forward to kicking your asses.


Captain Jack “Mista Bone” Russell

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Special Thanks to our Southern California Correspondent Christin Tank

Set List

Can’t Shake It
Sister Mary
Don’t Come Easy
Wish You Were Here
Shelter Me









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