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The Outfield
By Joseph Suto

Once in a while you find everything in music comes back full circle. That’s exactly the case with the latest release from the 80’s band The Outfield. The band has only released one album this decade and that was 2006’s Any Time Now. In 2009 the original threesome of singer/basist Tony Lewis, guitarist John Spinks and drummer Alan Jackman were reunited and for the first time since 1989’s Voices Of Babylon, recorded this new amazing release. The album sounds fresh, yet takes one back to the platinum selling days of the band. Their first three albums all went platinum before drummer Alan Jackman departed in 1989 citing personal reasons.

The first single from the latest album is “California Sun” and that along with “A Long, Long Time Ago” are getting good reviews and airplay on internet radio. Other notable tracks that garner your attention are “Wonderland” and leadoff track “Aladdin’s Cave”. By far this is the band’s most consistant release since the aformentioned Voices Of Babylon album. The album’s cover is also very reminiscent as well. One only prays that John Spinks can recover from his latest health concern so that this band can do what they do best, take the show to the road!!

Recommended highly for fans of the Outfield.

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