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Sound Of Contact
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Sound Of Contact is the new progressive rock band featuring Simon Collins, Dave Kerzner and Matt Dorsey. The band’s debut release Dimensionaut came out this past summer and has already garnered a ton of praise and received several great reviews.

The band made their live debut opening for Marillion during Marillion’s Weekend in Montreal in March 2013.

Dimensionaut features Simon Collins on drums and vocals and it is uncanny at how his voice reminds one of his dad’s, Phil Collins. The music on the album features several influences as you can hear some old school Genesis among other fragments from the progressive rock community as well as bands like The Beatles. Keyboardist Dave Kerzner explained how a lot of the material came out of jam sessions between the three of them.

Produced by Collins and Kerzner, the band also brought in veteran mixer Nick Davis who is known for his work with Genesis, Tony Banks as well as producer of Marillion’s classic Seasons End.

Some of the standouts to listen to on Dimensionaut include “Not Coming Down,” “Remote View,” and the stellar “Only Breathing Out.” “Remote View” features a bridge section that very eerily reminds one of The Beatles which would probably get a thumbs up from ELO leader Jeff Lynne as well.

In all Dimensionaut is a solid release that will have you listening from opener “Sound Of Contact” all the way through the nineteen minute-plus closer “Möbius Slip.”

Track Listing
01. Sound Of Contact
02. Cosmic Distance Ladder
03. Pale Blue Dot
04. I Am (Dimensionaut)
05. Not Coming Down
06. Remote View
07. Beyond Illumination (Featuring Hannah Stobart)
08. Only Breathing Out
09. Realm of In-Organic Beings
10. Closer To You
11. Omega Point
12. Möbius Slip

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