CD Review- Foo Fighters- Wasting Light

Foo Fighters
Wasting Light
By Chris Kiebzak


These days when you are debating what new album to purchase you may have recently put the Foo Fighters on a list of countless other bands that are past their studio prime and will only impress on the stage. In this case you would be sadly mistaken. For their seventh studio album, Dave Grohl and Company have settled on a three-guitar assault accompanied by some of the best melodies and heavy energy ever to be found on a Foo release, all while being recorded in the comfortable setting of the front-man’s garage. With recently selling out Wembley Stadium, one of the last true arena rock acts around and owning their own home built studio, one may wonder why anyone would try to change up a working formula in today’s music market. but that decision has brought a fresh, heavy and appealing delight.

The opening track “Bridge Burning” sets the tone for this analog recorded masterpiece, providing an intense preview of what to expect in the songs to come. The perfect mix of aggressive riffs and pop like choruses accompany most of the near 50 minute disc including guest appearances by two influential musicians. Bob Mould, front-man of Husker Du, lends his unique vocal styling and guitar playing to early track “Dear Rosemary”. Former Nirvana mate Krist Novoselic reunites on the extremely emotional and straight forward “I Should Have Known”.

There is so much to choose from the heavy “White Limo” or the Cheap Trick influenced power pop of “Arlandria”. For those who like it slow try the ballad induced “These Days” or “Walk”. Wasting Light should easily become a staple in your home and car stereos due to the sheer fact that there is something for every type of rock fan here, new and old alike. – Chris Kiebzak

Best Track: Arlandria
Listen to these Tracks: I Should Have Known, Bridge Burning, Miss the Misery
Final Analysis: A must have for fans of the genre and band. Should be a strong candidate for top 5 Cd’s of 2011.

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