Interview Date of Interview Artist/Band From
Kristian Bush Fall 2014 Solo, Sugarland
Paul Nelson February Johnny Winter
Tom Gimbel February Foreigner, Aerosmith, Jon Butcher Axis


Interview Date of Interview Artist/Band From
Don Felder March Solo, The Eagles
Mark McGrath April Sugar Ray
Michael Wilton May Queensrÿche


Interview Date of Interview Artist/Band From
Geoffrey Downes 1-16-13 Asia/Yes/Buggles
Chuck Wright 1-30-13 Heaven & Earth/Giuffria/House Of Lords/Quiet Riot
Cody Hanson 2-23-13 Hinder
Steve Augeri 5-1-13 Journey, Tall Stories, Tyketto
Lenny Wolf 5-24-13 Kingdom Come
Geoff Tate 6-6-13 Queensrÿche, Solo
Dave Brockie 8-8-13 GWAR
Keith Nelson 8-12-13 Buckcherry
Tobin Esperance 8-13-13 Papa Roach
Avril Lavigne 9-25-13 Solo
Gunnar Nelson 10-18-13 Nelson, Ricky Nelson Remembered


Interview Date of Interview Artist/Band From
Rita Coolidge 1-30-12 Self
Pete Evick February 2012 Evick, Bret Michaels Band
Bruce Kulick 2-21-12 Grand Funk Railroad, Kiss
Jack Russell 2-27-12 Great White
Skye Sweetnam 3-2-12 Sumo Cyco, Solo
Lou Gramm 3-21-12 Foreigner, Shadow King, Solo
Dave Brockie 3-27-12 Gwar
Jason Scheff 4-4-12 Chicago
Mike Ruocco 4-16-12 Cinder Road, Solo
Kevin Martin 4-25-12 Candlebox
Bruce Hall 5-15-12 REO Speedwagon
Michael Lardie 5-30-12 Great White, Night Ranger, Producer/Engineer
Lita Ford 6-1-12 Solo, The Runaways
Mark Kelly 6-7-12 Marillion
Mark Kendall 7-10-12 Great White, Train Station
Aldo Nova 8-7-12 Singer/songwriter/guitarist
Todd Sucherman 9-11-12 Styx
Steve Whiteman 10-10-12 Kix, Funny Money
Austin Winkler 10-19-12 Hinder
Geoff Tate 11-16-12 Queensryche, Solo
Mark Dawson 12-5-12 The Grass Roots


Artist Interview Date Artsit/Band From
John Wesley 4-10-11 Porcupine Tree, Solo, Fish
Lawrence Gowan 7-22-11 Styx, Gowan
Johnny Monaco 7-11-11 Enuff Z’nuff, Solo
Billy Sheehan 8-19-11 Mr. Big, David Lee Roth, Niacin, Talas
Mickey Thomas 9-12-11 Starship, Elvin Bishop
Mike Rodden 9-27-11 Hinder
David Glen Eisley 10-4-11 Giuffria, Dirty White Boy, Solo
Bill Leverty 11-16-11 FireHouse