CD Reviews

We will give our honest opinions on the latest CD releases. We will tell you if it is worthy to buy, download or stay clear of.

Our Ratings

☆☆☆☆☆ – the best rating one could ever hope to obtain. Needless to say a MUST have for your collection.

☆☆☆☆  –  Cd can be left in and enjoyed thoroughly. A high point in an artist’s career.

☆☆☆-      Any CD worthy of a 3-star rating is OK in my book. Has some very good quality tunes. Can pretty much be played all the way through with little skipping of tracks.

☆☆       – a sub-par effort that even with repeated listens it still doesn’t do anything for you other than perhaps one decent tune or so.

☆       – One to stay clear of for sure. Probably skipping or changing songs rapidly.


Artist Album
Van Halen A Different Kind Of Truth
Shinedown Amaryllis
Madonna MDNA
Train California 37
Asia XXX
Susanna Hoffs Someday
Heart Fanatic
Aerosmith Music From Another Dimension
Marillion Sounds That Cannot Be Made
Garbage Not Your Kind Of People
Hinder Welcome To The Freakshow
Green Day Uno/Dos/Tre

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