CD Review- Kate Pierson

8_PAGE_SPREAD.inddCD Review
Kate Pierson
Guitars And Microphones
Lazy Meadow Music/Kobalt Music



By Dave Leary:
The B-52’s have been creating their own unique brand of music for nearly 40 years. At the age of 66, Kate Pierson, one of the band’s founding members, has finally released her first solo album. Guitars and Microphones makes you wonder why it took so long. This is an album you can listen to without skipping tracks and with only 10 songs it’s an easy listen. Continue reading

CD Review- Green Day


CD Reviews
Green Day
Uno!  ✰✰✰✰
Dos!  ✰✰1/2
Tre!   ✰✰✰✰
Reprise Records

Ever since Dookie hit the airwaves Green Day has been ever so present on radio. It’s hard to believe that its been almost a decade since Green Day released their rock opera American Idiot which spawned a ton more airplay. Since that time Green Day released 21st Century Breakdown, another rock opera. The band now has released another first, a three album trilogy entitled Uno, Dos and Tre respectively. Continue reading

CD Review- Aerosmith

CD Review
Music From Another Dimension!
Sony/Columbia Records
☆☆☆ ½

By James Baase

Whether it’s been the surgeries, injuries, rumors of drug addiction, rehab again, threats to replace the singer, hurt feelings, book deals, a video game or a talent contest, it has taken over six years for America’s Rock Band to fulfill their endless promises of producing a new album. Well, it’s finally here. Music From Another Dimension is Aerosmith’s long-awaited 15th studio album and the first with new material since 2001. Continue reading

CD Reviews- Jeff Lynne and Electric Light Orchestra

CD Reviews
Jeff Lynne
Long Wave
Frontiers Records



Electric Light Orchestra
Mr. Blue Sky
The Very Best Of Electric Light Orchestra

Frontiers Records


Jeff Lynne has finally come out of seclusion. Lynne, the singer and songwriter behind the Electric Light Orchestra has been kind of silent since the release of the last ELO record Zoom in 2001. Now finally after his remoteness he has released not just one, but two new recordings. Continue reading

CD Review- Geoff Tate

CD Review
Geoff Tate
Kings & Thieves
InsideOut Music

Reviewed By: Joseph Suto

Kings & Thieves, Geoff’s second ever solo album and first in some ten years is finally out. The album is a more straight forward rock record than his previous solo release, the self-titled 2002 debut. Geoff described it as an album that has its peaks and valleys with the live show in mind. Continue reading

CD Review- Dokken

CD Review
Broken Bones
By: Joseph Suto



Dokken are back with their eleventh studio album and first in four years entitled Broken Bones. Broken Bones is the first Dokken album to feature bassist Sean McNabb, who had previously played with Great White on some of their finer releases. Continue reading