CD Review- Red

RedCD Review
Of Beauty and Rage
By: Robert Winans

Red has put out a really strong album this year with the appropriately titled Of Beauty and Rage. It is the follow up to the not well liked Release The Panic which sharply contrasts their styles. The former being that of a fast paced but seemingly haphazardly put together album looking to break more radio rock devoid of effort. However, the new album is looking to be much more hopeful. Continue reading

CD Review- Goo Goo Dolls

220px-MagneticCD Review
Goo Goo Dolls
Warner Bros. Records
☆☆☆☆ ½

By James Baase


One always hopes that after over two decades of creating music, a band you’ve enjoyed all along would keep it up and not run out of talent. Or even worse, re-invent themselves into something their fans can’t relate to. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the trio from Buffalo, NY known as the Goo Goo Dolls are still doing what they do best…and seemingly getting better at it. Continue reading

CD Review- Queensrÿche

FU RycheCD Review
Frequency Unknown
Deadline Music
Review: Joseph Suto


Geoff Tate is thinking again. And that is a good thing for Queensryche fans everywhere. Having split into two factions last year, Tate decided to put together his own lineup of talented musicians and the result is Frequency Unknown. With each song featuring a different lineup of players one would think the release is all over the place. Yet despite this Frequency Unknown is a cohesive release that will leave the doubters and naysayers mildly surprised. Continue reading

CD Review- Kingdom Come

KComeCD Review
Kingdom Come
Review: Joseph Suto


Formed in 1987, Kingdom Come released their self titled debut album Kingdom Come, which to date remains their biggest selling release. The lone mainstay throughout the bands long history has been singer Lenny Wolf. Wolf produced, engineered, mixed and mastered Outlier, his latest release. Continue reading

CD Review- Buckcherry

buckcherryCD Review
Century Media Records
By: Joseph Suto


Buckcherry have just released their sixth studio release entitled Confessions. The band catapulted from nowhere in 1999 with their self titled release which ended up going gold based off strong songs “Lit Up” and “For The Movies”. The band released Time Bomb to less success which led to the band going on hiatus. When singer Josh Todd and guitarist Keith Nelson reconvened in 2005 with new members Stevie D (guitars), Jimmy Ashcraft (bass) and Xavier Muriel (drums), the lineup has remained the same ever since. Continue reading

CD Review- Jimi Jamison

Never Too Late
CD Review
Jimi Jamison
Never Too Late
Frontiers Records




When one thinks of Jimi Jamison the most common link that immediately comes up is Survivor. Jimi has been a big part of Survivor ever since he joined the band in 1984. Right from the start Jamison made a big impact as the bands first release with Jamison Vital Signs peaked at #16 on the Billboard Album Charts. Continue reading