CD Review- John Wetton

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John Wetton
Primary Purpose

wetton lptJohn Wetton & The Les Paul Trio
New York Minute
Primary Purpose
Reviews: Joseph Suto

John Wetton has played in many bands throughout his long career. He has played in UK, King Crimson but is best known for being the lead vocalist and bassist of supergroup Asia that took over the world in 1982. He has recently released two solo albums. The first one is Anthology, a career retrospective that takes us through his solo career. All six of his solo albums are represented in fine fashion here. Thirty-two tracks in all help make up this Anthology. Continue reading

CD Review- Hinder

220px-WhenthesmokeclearsCD Review
When The Smoke Clears
The End Records
Producers: Cody Hanson/Marshall Dutton
Review:Joseph Suto

Hinder came strong out of the gate back in 2005 with their explosive debut Extreme Behavior. “Get Stoned” and “Lips Of An Angel” received strong airplay helping to push the album to triple platinum status. The band’s sophomore release fared well but not as good only reaching gold, despite playing several high profile tours. Each successive release has sold less despite All American Nightmare and Welcome To The Freakshow being solid releases. Continue reading

CD Review- Whitesnake


220px-The_PurpleCD Review
The Purple Album
Frontiers Records
Review: Joseph Suto


Although the possibility of a David Coverdale/Ritchie Blackmore reunion could not come to fruition, fans of Deep Purple Mark 3 &4 still get a chance to rejoice. Coverdale took his current version of Whitesnake into the studio to revisit his time in Deep Purple with a powerful batch of updated versions. Gems such as “Burn”, “Stormbringer”, and “Soldier Of Fortune” are among the highlights of the latest Whitesnake release simply titled The Purple Album. Continue reading

CD Review- Zac Brown Band

220px-JekyllHydeCD Review
Zac Brown Band
Jekyll + Hyde
Republic Records
Various Producers
Review: Dave Leary


Ah, Zac Brown. He famously called out Luke Bryan’s “That’s My Kind of Night” as “the worst song ever”. And for the first track on Jekyll and Hyde, we have “Beautiful Drug”. Now, even though this band has enjoyed great success at country radio, Brown has said they have always played whatever they’ve felt like playing, even though they have the country label. Continue reading

CD Review- Alabama Shakes

220px-Alabama_Shakes_-_Sound_&_Color_album_coverCD Review
Alabama Shakes
Sound and Color
Producers: Blake Mills and Alabama Shakes
Review: Dave Leary

Alabama Shakes’ 2012 debut, Boys & Girls, was an auspicious one, earning 3 Grammy nominations and a gold record. Sound & Color, the band’s second release, debuted at #1 on the Billboard album chart. Lead singer and guitarist Brittany Howard has already established herself as an electrifying presence both on stage and in the studio. Continue reading

CD Review- Dwight Yoakum


CD Review
Dwight Yoakam
Second Hard Heart
Warner Bros. Nashville
Producer: Dwight Yoakam
Review: Dave Leary


Dwight Yoakam has had an incredible career on his own terms. He helped bring back the honky-tonk sound to country in the mid-80s, while mixing it with rockabilly. He and his guitarist-producer Pete Anderson created some of the best albums of the era (such as If There Was a Way and This Time) while managing to enjoy commercial success. The two parted ways in 2002 but Yoakam has continued making the music he wants to make to great critical acclaim. Continue reading